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Deric Dickens – Drums and Percussion

Marius Duboule – Classical and Electric Guitar  

Daniel Carter – Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Soprano, Alto and Tenor Saxophone

 Michael Bates – Double Bass

Zero-point energy describes the lowest form of energy a system may have. In the vacuum, when all the particles have been taken away, there remain oscillations and movement.
This energy and the theories connected to it have sometimes been used as a common ground where the scientific and spiritual worlds meet. Thoughts Become Matter is a reflexion on the influence our thoughts have on the world we live in.



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Featuring Saxophonist Brad Linde, Drummer Deric Dickens,
Guitarist Aaron Quinn, and Saxophonist Billy Wolf.

Team Players can veer off the road at any moment, suddenly ramping up or down in volume
and intensity if not discarding a tune’s changes altogether—and they can pick up the pieces
again just as swiftly. — Peter Margasak - Chicago Reader.

$10    Also available through Itunes and Amazon

Oh Lovely Appearance/ The Dickens Campaign

The Dickens Campaign is a collaboration between Deric Dickens (drums), Kirk Knuffke (cornet), and Jesse Lewis (guitar), this album is an homage to the late musical archivist Alan Lomax.  Using selected melodies, the group inspires a new and modern interpretation of our musical heritage by using ideas from American blues, jazz and free improvisation.

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Speed Date w/ Deric Dickens

Duos with Matt Wilson, Jeremy Udden, Ben Cohen, Jeff Lederer, Kirk Knuffke, and Jon Crowley.  Hand numbered, hand printed liner notes. (Limited Edition of 500)


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From the Speed Date recording session 26 min of drum duos with Matt Wilson. 


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